Industrial Door Maintenance Tips & Fixes

Posted on 01-01-2020 , by: kevin , in , 0 Comments

The Industrial Doors sector, like so many sectors is becoming increasingly specialised. Environmental and climate change concerns are driving the demand for insulated sectional overhead doors while insurance regulation is presenting owners of fire shutter doors with new compliance challenges.

This new blog spot is for Serchek to offer customers some simple tips and fixes to allow them to keep their industrial doors running smoothly whether they be in the warehouse, the clean room or security doors on the external walls of your building. Having a door out of action can be a major inconvenience and disruption to your business.

Industrial Door Installation Consultancy

Prior to your installation, feel free to contact Serchek for a no obligation quote. We bring our 20 years + experience to bear on your project whether it be advice as to the correct door specification or whether it’s our tips on balancing the cost of ownership of the door and it’s performance levels.

“It’s far easier and probably cheaper to get that information prior to your installation than afterwards when you’ve already under-specced the door” says Peadar Brady Senior Engineer at Serchek. “The temptation is always to opt for the lowest cost door at installation, however it’s not until the wear and tear takes it’s toll on the opening that the shortcomings become clearer. And needless to say, there is no substitute for getting regular preventative maintenance checks on your door, at least annually”.