How to Set up Your Loading Dock or Workshop to Conserve Energy

Posted on 17-01-2020 , by: kevin , in , 0 Comments

With climate event shocks happening all the time now and all over the world, it can be expected that industry will face even greater scrutiny in future regarding how effectively energy is being conserved within the building.

We can identify a number of ways for you to configure your loading dock or workshop in such a way as to reduce the amount of energy unnecessarily escaping through the door opening thus requiring for the area to be re-heated.

  1. Ensure that the insulated panels on the door are sufficiently insulated and fit for purpose. 40mm panels are the minimum, however certain applications will require 60mm which is also available. Note; there are new roller shutter lattes recently available which though thinner, provide increased density insulation. Talk to us for more information.
  2. Install a rapid rolling high speed door to activate and close preventing air flow while the main insulating door is in the open position. While the curtain of the high speed door provides neither insulation nor security, it is robust and light at least prevents wind airflow entering your workplace or warehouse.
  3. Fit all doors with properly configured open / close activation and safety devices. This ensures that doors are never standing open unnecessarily yet only closed when personnel are well clear of the area.

Such technological features are not new to the market, yet they are often either not properly fitted or are no longer functioning properly due to interference. Always ensure open / close cycles fit with the requirements of personnel working in the area.