Serchek Complaints Procedure


Serchek is committed to providing utmost customer satisfaction in all of our activities.

If however, as a customer, you are not fully satisfied with the service you have received from us, we kindly request that you raise your concern in the first instance with the staff member assigned to your case. He or she will work to resolve your concern as soon as possible.

In the event it has not been possible for you to reach a satisfactory outcome after raising your concern as above, please complete our customer complaints form below* outlining the nature of your dissatisfaction.

This detail will be received by email by our Business Development Manager, Tom Griffith

You will receive a response within 5 working days after which an investigation will be undertaken.

A more detailed response will then subsequently be provided within 30 days of receipt of your complaint.

`* Alternatively you may prefer to submit your concern by email to