How to: Add Serchek’s Sales System emails to your Safe Senders List

Dear Customer,

As a regular recipient of emails from Serchek, we would kindly request that you would take some necessary steps for important emails from our Odoo system to be reliably received into your email inbox.

Simple changes to your inbox settings

There are some simple steps you can make to ensure that when such important emails are sent from Serchek’s Odoo sales management system, they do not get automatically rejected into your spam folder or junk mail.


Step 1.

Place your cursor on any previously received email from Serchek’s Odoo database –

Emails may look like this –




These emails will have sender’s details which look like this –


Step 2

Once the relevant mail from a Serchek sender is selected in your Junk Mail inbox list, it will appear slightly shaded.

Now hover your cursor over the button in your tools ribbon     at the top of your Microsoft Outlook inbox.

A bubble will pop out to show as your “Junk Mail” sub menu ​​​​​​​

Step 3

When you now click this button –

​​​​​        –  you will be offered a list.

From this list, click on Never Block Sender

This will add the [Serchek] sender of that email to the “Safe Sender’s List” of your email inbox.

Step 4

Repeat step 2 – click on the Junk email button

This time select the “Never Block Sender’s Domain” button –


Step 5

Please repeat steps 2 and 3 for emails from each of your Serchek contacts – eg.

Company email         

Tom Griffith               

Jordan Gillmor          

Rebekah Fisher         


Step 6

Please forward this “How To” instruction to each of the contacts within your company likely to receive emails from Serchek.