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Climate Toolkit on ?

This is a simple to use, easily accessible free tool for Business owners and Managers to quickly make a calculation of the carbon footprint of their business over a 12 month period.

With the effects of the CSRD coming into force, this is an excellent way for companies to begin building up their own awareness of the issues they’ll need to keep track of in their business for the future.

Preventive maintenance of your door appliances and other equipment will play a part in your business getting into position for you to manage your energy consumption. Request us to look after your door PPMs by completing the form on our Door Preventative Maintenance page.

Free Climate Toolkit on

More-and-more of Serchek’s regular industrial customers are turning to us for advice and guidance on how to reduce the energy costs associated with their inefficient, non-insulated or defective industrial doors.

Serchek is fulfilling this requirement in several different ways:


1.       We provide a choice of insulated door options

i.       40mm sectional overhead door

ii.       60mm sectional overhead doors

iii.      80mm sectional overhead doors

iv.      A range of insulated roller shutter doors


2.   Serchek provides high speed doors, installed on exterior wall doors – such as high speed rolling doors and high speed folding doors. These doors are engineered to open and close automatically to ensure heat does not escape during the day while the door is in use.


3.      State of the art chill and freezer doors to ensure maximum energy efficiency.


4.    Serchek provides Programs of Preventative Maintenance to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the door assets of our customers.


5.      Serchek has implemented lean practices to ensure efficiency in Serchek’s own work practices – lean (and green) for micro business.

Insulated, energy efficient chill door

Chill Door

Mullingar SEC Sustainable Energy Event for #EUSEW2023

@Irish Manufacturing Research

Serchek was delighted to exhibit at this excellent event today [28.06.23] alongside so many committed sustainable energy / Nett Zero visionaries.

We aim to work closer with this community in the months and years ahead and look forward to participating in future events with a view to reducing our own as well as our customers’ carbon footprint.

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