Sectional Overhead Doors (SOHD) – Features Explained


Sectional Overhead Doors (SOHD) – Basic design features & benefits

Panel Composition
  • Multiple layers of weatherproofing – paint, zinc, steel, primer, PU foam.
  • Environmentally friendly produced options available – cfc free expanded foam, low GWP – Global warming potential.
  • Fire retardant materials available.
Joints & Sealing
  • Precision strip seal between panel sections.
  • Seal around edge of door.
  • Floor seal of door ensuring air tight sealant.
Finish & Colour
  • A range of rib or stucco embossed finishes available.
  • Up to 20 different colours to chose from.
Windows / Glazing
  • Windows can be installed in one or more sections.
  • Windows available in a range of shapes and dimension.
Wind Proofing Depending on the wind load, some doors may require an additional reinforcement profile attached to the back of the door.

40mm Sectional Overhead Door

Panel Specification
  • Insulated sectional door panel for standard (non-chill) environments.
  • High grade energy efficiency packed into every panel.
  • Door U Value of up to 1.02 W/m2 K (Watts per meter squared Kelvin).
  • Panel U Value of up to .51 W/m2 K (*see link below for more info).
  • Perimeter & joint sealing to prevent.
  • Industrial or warehousing (non-specialised).
  • Any new or upgraded construction comprising of insulated wall panels.
  • Install a 40mm SOHD to preserve your building’s energy rating.

* – Non Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure Modelling Guide

40mm Sectional Overhead Door

80mm Sectional Overhead Door

Panel Specification
  • Foam density 40kg /m3
  • Door U Value of up to .54 W/m2 K
  • Panel U Value of up to .24 W/m2 K
  • Withstand temperature differential of 40°C internal / external
  • Option of white food safe laminate on request
  • Typically used in Meat production plants.
  • Ideally suited for cold store / chill environments.
  • Clean room application.

80mm Sectional Overhead Door

Thermal Benefits of an SOHD

Thermal Benefits of an SOHD

Windows – can be included by special order

Why opt to include Windows?
  • Preference for natural light to be allowed through the door also relating to environmental building considerations.
  • Improve the visibility of the door relative to the rest of the building envelope.

SOHD glazing SOHD glazing SOHD glazing SOHD glazing SOHD glazing

Sectional Overhead Doors Windows

Sectional Overhead Doors Windows

SOHD – Security Considerations

  • The panels of a Sectional Overhead Door are made from 2 layers of high strength galvanised steel or zinc.
  • Strengthened panels and joints without compromising on energy efficiency and design.
  • Window sizes can be reduced and tailored to suit security requirements.

Sectional Overhead Door Security

Each of the large Industrial doors have their own engineered features and functions. The Sectional Overhead Door falls within the mid-range for specialised engineered functions while also being mid-range as a security protection barrier.

Engineered Features & Benefits

SOHD engineered features & benefits

Security Reinforcements

SOHD security reinforcements

Tracking Options Explained

Definition: Tracking or rail systems, in the context of sectional overhead doors, refers to the steel structure along which the door frame travels as it raises up into the open position.

Constraints: Roof height, as well as the pitch of the roof dictate the scope of the angle of the tracking as it must be securely fixed to the load-bearing structure of the building – whether that be a high wall, as in the case of a large open warehouse, or a low level roof or ceiling, in the case of a lower more constrained area.

Motor position: In addition to the pitch of the tracking, you must also consider the positioning of the drive motor.

Sectional Overhead Doors - Tracking Options

High Lift
Sectional Doors - High Lift

Vertical Lift
Sectional Doors - Vertical Lift

Drive Motor features to consider

  • Availability of 3-phase or single phase electricity at location where you want to install door.
  • Number of opening/closing cycles needed to perform per day or per hour.
  • Speed / power of motor, single speed versus variable speed inverter driven options.
  • Temperature and climatic conditions at area where door is to be installed.
  • Over-ride of motor in the event of a power outage e.g. ups battery back up (single-phase applications).

Sectional Doors - motor

Entry Controls – features to consider

  • Speed and frequency of opening / closing cycles.
  • Standard speed V controlled / variable speed settings.
  • Opening: Automatic e.g. loop detection, or manual.
  • Adjustable hold-open phase or manual close.
  • Operation of door during power outage.
  • Temperature control and energy saving.
  • Remote control fob.
  • Radar presence detector.