Serchek – Loading Bays

The installation, maintenance and repair of loading bays is a specialist sector. Serchek works closely with a range of technical specialist manufacturers to customise solutions for your operation.

Mini Dock Levelers

The mini dock leveller is the alternative for traditional pit box systems. They are ideal to quickly and easily bridge small differences in height in a cost-effective manner.There two types of MDL are the pit model and the ramp model.


Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Sourcing magnificently engineered equipment from European based manufacturers, Serchek has a strong track record of specifying customers’ requirements, ordering and installing according to the exact business needs.


Inflatable Dock Shelter

Where energy efficiency is of maximum importance, industrial customers may consider the advanced inflatable dock seal with 95% improvement on standard enclosures. Discuss with Serchek for the optimal solution for your premises.

Loading Dock Accessories

Our range of loading bay accessories include:

  • LED Dock Lights
  • Dock Traffic Lights
  • Truck wheel chocks and guides
  • Brush seals