5 good reasons to come and work for the Serchek Centre for Industrial Doors –

1.  Regular Working Hours – 4-day week option

In 2022, Serchek Centre for Industrial Doors successfully piloted the 4-day week for participating staff. In addition, our technical staff can continue to develop their knowledge and technical skills without having to compromise on their work life balance. With the exception of a couple of weekends per year, most of our operations are carried out 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

2.  Team-directed Work Processes

In March of 2024 Serchek engaged BEXL Consultancy to  carry out Serchek’s 2nd Lean programme, with support from Westmeath Local Enterprise Office.

At it’s core, our Lean programme invites participation and inputs from all staff to make the company a more democratic place to work. This is not top-down ruling of our processes, this is direct involvement of all staff regardless of job title at the design stage of our workflows.

Staff are carefully selected to work for us, based on their core competencies of self-motivation and the responsibility they take for health & safety.

This is complemented by continuous training. In turn they are afforded space to take responsibility for individual assigned tasks.

3.  Serchek Digital

Digital technology is at the core of everything we do in Serchek. From customer requests through to our digitised sales quotations, to the auto generation of our work tasks, to worksheets and timesheets through to our invoicing. We take pride in ensuring the security and stability of our digital systems for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

4.  Continuous Professional Development

The supports available to small Irish businesses to support the development of their staff are the best in the world.  Serchek Centre for Industrial doors embraces these supports by encouraging staff to avail of courses on offer under Skills to Advance programmes offered by the ETB’s, AMTCE, Irish Manufacturing Research and others.

On the technical side of our business, our CPD vision is to develop fully-rounded engineers. With SCFID you can complement your core skills with cross-craft training, clean room training,

highly developed digital skills, health & safety and lean training.

5.  Sustainability – Environment, Social & Governance

Serchek Centre for Industrial Doors is working towards a more sustainable future in two important ways –

  • We provide our service level agreement [ppm] customers with free consultations on how to reduce their energy costs
  • In 2024 we have begun an initiative to reduce our company’s carbon footprint year on year